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ScanoMed considers education and training of future experts very important. This purpose and point of view is confirmed by the establishment of the Debrecen central building.
The educational cabinet provied space for 25 persons, it is equipped with computer access, professional projector, a small library and a reading room. This way it offers all the facilities needed for organizing computer-aided undergraduate and graduate trainings. The elegantly furnished conference room also equipped with a professional projector for 10 persons offers optimal scenery for meetings, appointments and videoconference. In the educational cabinet wireless internet access is also granted.

ScanoMed participates in English and Hungarian graduate education in cooparation with the organising Institute of Nuclear Medicine at DE OEC. If necessary the central building provides venue and or computers for the postgraduate training organised by the institute and the acknowledged associates contribute to the high quality of the training with their lectures and colourful presentations.
Besides the above mentioned programs ScanoMed organises educational trainings on its own not only for Hungarians, but also for foreigners. From all over the world more times annually guests arrive to the laboratory who ask professional expertise in introduction of a new technology or in extending their knowledge in a special field. These educational programs are always individually tailored and they meet the priorly assessed requirements. We also provide the opportunity to set up an individual training program that fits in time and in topics.

Our current, constantly available training programs:

If you are interested in our programs please contact the management of ScanoMed.