Ventilation-perfusion pulmonary scintigraphy


By performing the scintigraphy test of the lungs we obtain information concerning the blood supply and the airways. With the help of this test blood-clots can also be detected, which may obstruct the way of blood in the lungs. The test also shows which pulmunary areas are working well and which not. The examination lasts 30-60 minutes and consists of two parts.

Common indications

  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Measurement of relative functions before an operation
  • Perfusion and ventilation disorders

During the perfusion test we administer a small amount of radioactive substance into the bloodstream in the form of an intravenous injection and we image the distribution of it in the lungs. On the images we can see where the blood supply sufficient is and the areas that are obstructed by a blood-clot.

During the ventilation test the patient has to inhale a small amount of radioactive gas. After this the imaging is done and on the findings the distribution of the gas can be observed.

The therapist mas ask for performing a complement CT scan, buti t does not increase the length of the test singificantly.

Diet: Keeping a special diet is not necessary. Patients can eat and drink as they usually eat and drink.
Before the examination smoking should be avoided.